Strength / Resistance training has an important part to play in any training program for a number of different goals.

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A large part of our Group Training sessions at Team Transform includes different levels of cardio training.

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What you are putting into your body is the key and most important part to getting results, regardless of your goal.

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People are often unaware of how detrimental their mindset can be to achieving results,with health and fitness.

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13 Clean Eating Tips To
Burn Fat



Do you want to lose weight, burn fat, increase strength or simply just feel healthier and more energetic? If so then Team Transform is for you! With a passionate, supportive and motivating trainer to guide you, in a positive and friendly group environment, you will reach your goals guaranteed!

We understand that a holistic approach to health is extremely important, so we encourage not just a “quick fix” with exercise, but a lifestyle change, incorporating a positive mind-set, healthy eating (not dieting) and of course getting your body active. The three of these things combined will guarantee your success in achieving your goals, whether it’s to lose weight, drop
centimetres, increase strength, build muscle, tone up, improve fitness, look better or even just feel better!

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What our clients have to say

  • Eve – 44
    I started boot camp in April 2014.I had never exercised and was very lazy.The support I got from Andrew...Readmore

    Eve – 44

  • AMY – 27
    What an amazing journey I have been on since starting my weight loss back in August 2014. As everyone...Readmore

    AMY – 27

  • DES – 35
    I joined Andrew Potter’s Team Transform in September 2014, best decision I ever made. My aim is to lose...Readmore

    DES – 35

  • Brooke – 22
    Before becoming a member of Team Transform with Andrew Potter, I could honestly have told you that I never thought that i...Readmore

    Brooke – 22

  • I started training with Team Transform back in June 2014, to say my life has been changed dramatically would...Readmore

    Richele – 29 – Eagle Vale

  • Zena – 50
    I’m so happy and glad that I started doing boot camp with Team Transform. It has really changed my...Readmore

    Zena – 50

  • Ashleigh – 23
    Team Transform provides great quality fitness training. I have been a member of a gym for a few years...Readmore

    Ashleigh – 23

  • Christine – 27
    Four years ago I sustained a soccer injury that required knee surgery. I’m back playing soccer but my fitness...Readmore

    Christine – 27

  • Hanadi – 27
    I would like to start by saying thank you so much for all the support and encouragement you have...Readmore

    Hanadi – 27

  • Margaret – 38
    I had never done boot camp before I joined Team Transform, but it’s been the best thing.  The gym...Readmore

    Margaret – 38